Pizza Pizza bakes exclusive pan pizza into menu at select restaurants Monday, December 19th, 2016

National pizza chain brings thick crust option to locations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

TORONTO, ON, December 14, 2016 – Pizza Pizza, Canada’s leading pizza chain, has launched its new pan pizza, a thicker and fluffier addition to its pizza menu, exclusively at locations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

“Simultaneously crispy and airy, the pan pizza means your carefully selected toppings aren’t the only star of the show,” said Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer for Pizza Pizza. “We researched what our customers want and have given them an opportunity to try something new.”

Also known as deep-dish, pan pizza is baked in a deep pan with high sides, which produces a thicker rising crust, with a light crispy outer layer. The thicker base makes it sturdier to handle a heavy load of toppings, but also hold its own with simple choices like plain cheese or classic pepperoni. The addition becomes Pizza Pizza’s fourth crust option, along with classic, whole grain and gluten free.

Pan pizza is available for order in large size only, now at the 20 locations across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Customers can try the new crust as part of Pizza Pizza’s Super Pan Deal, a large two-topping pan pizza for $9.99, or by customizing their favourite large pizza with the new crust option.

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