Our gallery of dairy´s most popular product is a cheese-lovers paradise.

Feta Cheese

The crumbly goodness of our feta cheese will enhance the Mediterranean flavour.

Parmesan Cheese

The Italian seasoning! Parmesan goes on everything, and pizza is no exception.

Extra Cheese

Wait. We can have MORE cheese? Yes please!

Four Cheese Blend Topping

A blend of flavourful cheeses that is delicious solo or with any topping. Flavour to the power of four!

Goat Cheese

Made from 100% goat´s milk, this cheese´s distinct flavour is stealing the spotlight in the cheese world.


Our delicious mozzarella cheese was developed to give you the real Italian pizza experience.

Dairy Free Cheeze

Our new Dairy-Free Vegan cheeze is all natural, made without animal fat.  The rich flavour and creamy texture makes it the perfect cheese substitute.


Read more on any of the toppings below:

Cheese topping icon Cheese Feta Cheese topping icon Feta Cheese Parmesan Cheese topping icon Parmesan Cheese
Extra Cheese topping icon Extra Cheese Four Cheese Blend Topping topping icon Four Cheese Blend Topping Goat Cheese topping icon Goat Cheese
Mozzarella topping icon Mozzarella Dairy Free Cheeze topping icon Dairy Free Cheeze