The carnivore´s orchestra: Mix and match a meat melody to make your pizza sing “yummmmm.”


These tasty treats will send you fishing for another bite.

Bacon Crumble

This cured bacon is packed with a smoky, maple flavour.

Bacon Strips

For the traditionalist, our bacon is sliced and cooked just like Sunday morning breakfast.


Our grilled chicken is a lean protein, which makes it a great healthy option.

Ground Beef

Real ground beef adds the meaty mouthful that you´re looking for.

Italian Ham

 Thinly sliced and smoky. This delicious meat will complement any veggie topping.

Spicy Italian Sausage

It´s so good you´ll never look at sausage the same again.

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Steak Strips

Thinly sliced morsels of tender Grade AAA steak take pizza to a whole new level.

BBQ Steak Strips

Beef sirloin cut into strips, grilled and seasoned to perfection.

Pepperoni (NY Style)

Dry cured for an authentic New York flavour, Sinatra style.

Pepperoni (original)

This traditional pepperoni is seasoned with spices that will enhance flavours of any pizza. The #1 topping choice of our customers.


Travel to Italy with every bite of our dry cured Genoa salami.

Chipotle Steak

Grilled sirloin beef strips marinated with our smoky, spicy and sweet BBQ chipotle sauce.

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Chipotle Chicken

Marinated with our smoky, spicy and sweet BBQ chipotle sauce, this chicken is juicy and flavour-FULL.

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Chorizo Sausage

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