Sauces `N´ Dough

The foundation of a good “za” is what you build your toppings upon. Go ahead and experiment!

BBQ Sauce

Our sweet and smoky Forty Creek BBQ sauce goes well on wings and pizza. One of our customers´ preferred sauce choices.

Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Smoke-dried jalapeños in adobo sauce. So spicy. So good.

Bruschetta Sauce

A blend of tomatoes, onions and herbs. This sauce just couldn´t stay out of the pizza game.

Creamy Garlic Sauce

Our famous sweet and creamy garlic sauce is packed with flavour to give pizza the finest compliment we could think of.

Home Style Italian Tomato Sauce

A taste of Italy packed right into the sauce. Experience a tomato sauce, just like Nonna´s.


Hot Sauce

It´s hot. Really hot. But, also very tasty.

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Pesto Sauce

Made with fresh basil, parmesan and romano cheese.  This charming sauce is a sensation.

Sweet Chili Sauce

With origins in Thailand, this tangy, sweet and spicy sauce is an unlikely partner to pizza. But dang it – it works!

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Classic Dough

Good quality wheat flour makes up the base of our traditional light, fluffy crust.

Whole Grain Dough

As a healthier option, we have developed whole grain dough made with pure, natural ingredients like Canadian grown whole wheat flour and wheat germ.

Gluten Free Dough

Love pizza but can´t tolerate gluten? Our new Gluten Free Pizza features a delicious crust made with rice instead of wheat. Available in 10″ (small pizza).


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Sauces `N´ Dough topping icon Sauces `N´ Dough BBQ Sauce topping icon BBQ Sauce Chipotle BBQ Sauce topping icon Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Bruschetta Sauce topping icon Bruschetta Sauce Creamy Garlic Sauce topping icon Creamy Garlic Sauce Home Style Italian Tomato Sauce topping icon Home Style Italian Tomato Sauce
Hot Sauce topping icon Hot Sauce Pesto Sauce topping icon Pesto Sauce Sweet Chili Sauce topping icon Sweet Chili Sauce
Classic Dough topping icon Classic Dough Whole Grain Dough topping icon Whole Grain Dough Gluten Free Dough topping icon Gluten Free Dough