Get the Card!

The Pizza Card is a fun and convenient way to treat yourself, or someone else, to the ultimate pizza experience.

How Does the Pizza Card Work?

Just pick up a Pizza Card at participating Pizza Pizza locations, or Pizza 73 restaurants and load it with $10, $25, $50 or $100.

It´s a simple solution to ordering for yourself, or gift-giving to others. You can give the Pizza Card to friends or family members, or even to a colleague or boss to get you some extra brownie points.

You can also redeem your balance on walk-in, pick-up or delivery orders, click here to view your balance.

What happens if my card is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged?

Please allow 14 days for a replacement card to be issued and sent. The Pizza Card is property of Pizza Pizza Limited. Pizza Pizza is not responsible for replacing the value of this card for non-registered members if the card is lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged or used without consent.

However, registered members will receive a replacement card with the remaining balance of the previous card at the time it is reported.

© Pizza Pizza Royalty Limited Partnership.