The Business of Catering to You

Here are a few simple suggestions that we think will help you to help us ensure your Pizza Pizza ordering experience is as enjoyable as possible.

We suggest you place your order 48 hours in advance and order to be delivered 15 minutes in advance of the time scheduled for serving, just to give yourself enough time to organize and check the order.

It´s easy to be considerate with Pizza Pizza. For the many dietary preferences out there, consider ordering a meatless and/or vegetarian option for the crowd. Dairy free options are also available.

You also have the option of requesting varied delivery times if your group will not be eating all at once.

The recommended pizza serving is two to three slices per person, depending on the number of other selections included. Please remember that tip is not included in the final price.

Lastly, for offices or buildings, please arrange for someone to meet the driver at the front entrance.

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