Fun in the Fan Zone

Pizza Pizza fans are everywhere. You´ll find them around your dinner table, in your board meetings, at the late-night counter, even on the bus-ride home. Everywhere you go, you´ll find a Pizza Pizza fan zone.

This kind of widespread love is hard to come by. And we appreciate it. We really, really do.

But actions speak louder than words…so to show our gratitude for the years of loyal support, Pizza Pizza likes to host events and contests to give back to our many fans.

Click on our events and contests to discover how you too can feel the love.

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Fan Zone Events

Our events are all about fun activities, giveaways and, of course, delicious food! Whether we're partnering with a local event or hosting a customer appreciation day, it's worth the trip!

See which events are happening in your community.

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Fan Zone Contests

The giveaways are big and the prizes are always fun and exciting, and often delicious. Don´t miss out on your chance to win a Pizza Pizza contest.

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Kids Club

Hey kids! Do you want to be a part of a cool club that sends you an amazing birthday card, mailed straight to your home on your birthday? Better still, do you want to also get a free slice of pizza and a pop on your birthday?