All in the Family

Pizza Pizza has come a long way since its start back in the `60s. Today, we continue to grow and flourish, offering employment and career opportunities. If you think you´ve got what it takes to join our team devoted to fresh food, quality ingredients and customer service, drop us a note.

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Franchising: Our Goal is Your Success

Are you looking for a chance to operate your own business while enjoying the security of an established brand and product? Pizza Pizza offers you the best of both worlds and the financial security to build your future and success. Here´s your chance to get involved!

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Corporate Opportunities: Come Join Our Office Team

Our recipe for success starts with our people. Pizza Pizza is an industry pioneer and Canada's #1 Pizza chain. If you are looking for a challenging position with a company that continues to grow and evolve as a business leader, check out the exciting opportunities currently available with Pizza Pizza Limited, or with some of our associated partners.

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Restaurant Opportunities: Come Join Our Kitchen Team

Our restaurants produce more then just amazing pizzas, they have also been the source of many of our successful employees and partners who got their start in front of the oven, including one our current VPs! If you are interested in working in a fast paced, fun and exciting environment, with opportunity for advancement, we would love to hear from you.

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Real Estate: We´ll Be Your Tenant!

Pizza Pizza will be your long-term tenant in an innovative business opportunity. Check out our prime real estate opportunities.